“I have 12 cats and 1 dog”

Anastasiia, Kyiv region, February 2022

“I have 12 cats and 1 dog”

“We have here overall 12 cats (including ours) and one dog. They always come to our bed to warm us up and to warm up themselves”

“Short photo report with cats. When we were leaving, there was no time to take our glasses (?) So I am without them. I don’t go out, even though there is a possibility of walking around in the backyard. I feel sick from all that is happening as well as the cold. I can’t sleep. The news is constantly on.”

“More or less. Holding on. We worry for our family in Kherson. One friend of mine from Russia was at the rally today with her family. Their town is small, so it was just their family and cops. Still, That didn’t prevent them from detaining her mom. She occasionally taught officers at the police station how to file a case against her and cracked jokes. Another friend I had to talk out of going to a rally because she lives in St. Petersburg all alone. She supports herself and works. Of course, it is a good deed, but she has no money to pay the fines. I also have other Russian friends. They all worry about me. Every day they ask me if everything is alright. One other Russian friend of mine lives in Israel. So she also went to a peaceful rally 👉👈 But everything is calmer near them. No one was detained like in the Russian Federation.”