Student Group 9-A

Zhytomyr region, 11.04.22

Student Group 9-A

Yevhenia Kh.

I was confused when I woke up and read the news. I was afraid to tell my grandma about the news so as not to scare her. The day was dull and a bit stressful. I was attentive to everything and tried not to panic.

Nazar K.:

As many other Ukrainian children I was woken up with words: “Get up, the war has started!“. I was down in the dumps and shocked, also I couldn't realize, if it was a reality or a nightmare. Many Ukrainian cities were shelling with russian missiles and bombs. A lot of citizens were forced to flee from their homes because the tanks invaded their cities. The russian federation has started a full scale invasion into my country.

Arina M.:

February 24th is a day I will remember forever because something happened that I couldn't even think of. War. I woke up at 6 am from the voices of my parents who were talking about something loud. A few minutes later, my mother came into my room and said that the war was over [DG1] [DG2] and that an alarming suitcase should be packed because my panic was quite strong at that moment. My parents and I were very worried about my sister, because at that time she was trying to get out of [...], where it all began. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and she was home in an hour. All day, and even a whole week, I sat at the TV watching the news to fully understand what to do. And parents at this time tried to keep everything calm. We didn't plan to leave the city, although at first I wanted to get away from it all. Remembering this day, I usually have sad emotions and I think it's not fair to attack our country like that. Before the war, my life was wonderful, I did my favorite things. Every day was full of benefits for me and for others I felt the maximum pleasure from each day. But now everything has changed ... and I really hope that soon we will return to a normal life or even a better life than before. Just at the moment I thank God that I am safe and together with my family, this is all that is important to me right now.

Valentyn K.:

My mother woke me up with words: Russia attacked us. 24th of February - the worst day of my life. My little brother was scared of alarms. My grandparents and close people stayed in Ukraine.

Mykhailo S.:

I woke up from what my mother told me, “Get up, we're going to my grandmother, the war has begun.“ We were stunned, but I'm not afraid, but rather I thought, “Shit, he still did it“. We all rode with a great disappointment in the village to my grandmother. And along the way to her, we saw endless queues for fuel. Arriving, we have been sized all the time in gadgets monitoring events that take place in our country.

Vladyslav H.:

I woke up because of the calls from relatives at 6 o'clock. In the first hours, everything was decided in a panic. After lunch, a decision was made regarding our future stay. We went from home to relatives at the other end of town.

Bohdan M.:

On February 24, 2022, I woke up from the fact that the house was in turmoil, at first I did not understand what had happened and did not pay attention until I read on the Internet that the war had begun. The day was kind of anxious, but not calm. [DG3] I was constantly watching the news about what was happening in Ukraine. After the war [DG4] I had to move to Poland for a while. It is good but uneasy for Ukraine, I hope that by May we will win and be able to return to Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine! Key words: 1.Experience 2.Compassion 3.Javelin 4.Shelter 5.Anxiety 6.Stress

Mykola O.:

February 24. I was woken up, went into the kitchen, noticed that the TV was on, (where was emergency news about the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine), at first not even surprised, continued the morning rituals. My mother comes into the room with the words that you will not go to school today (due to events), I am interested in what is happening, so I spent the whole day studying information about Russia's attack on Ukraine. The parents considered security options, the father bought food in large quantities (2 months), and the mother was busy with household chores. In the evening, the parents decided to move temporarily to my grandmother.

Anna Ya.:

I woke up because my mother woke me up with the words “The war in the country has begun“. It was a very busy and exciting[DG5] day. Everyone felt anxious and had various unpleasant feelings. This day divided people's lives into before and after.

Vlada T.:

On February 24, the life of every Ukrainian turned upside down. On the first day, my father, who, by the way, is a very calm person, told me to sit at home and don’t panic. He told me that there is no need to worry. So I just called friends and family and started to watch movies. The following days my friend was coming to me and spending time with me. From time to time we ran to the basement, but I still calmly treated everything that was happening. This is how the first days of the war passed, before, unfortunately, I went to another country.

Tetiana L.:

I woke up because I didn't understand why no one wakes me up for school, and a few seconds later on the news I heard that a war had started in the country. At first I had panic and fear. In a couple of hours we called friends, acquaintances, and watched the news, but after a few hours we decided what to do next. We packed up our things and went to Grandma's.