At first fear, then amazement then discouragement and helplessness

Ludmila, Mykolaiv region, 17.03.2022

At first fear, then amazement then discouragement and helplessness

“On the 24th of February I, an adult woman, a historian with 25 years of experience, became frightened. At first fear, then amazement, then discouragement and helplessness. About the historical and political structure briefly: a nation of chauvinists, the sacralizers of power (there is no difference tsar or president), a monster state, where for centuries, regardless of the form of organisation and political order, only the obedience of the ignorant unfree people was cultivated, where the exclusivity of Russian literature with the image of a little man nurtured a disregard for a possibility of choice and personal responsibility for one's own life.

After tears and emotions there was an algorithm for action: to buy food and medication, find a bomb shelter, pack a suitcase, sleep dressed up and keep a certain amount of money. We Sealed the windows, prepared everything for the blackout at home, and prepared a relatively safe place in the apartment according to the “two walls method” ... The first time going to the basement was shocking: it was scary, dirty, unknown people from the street running into the basement under the gunshots... Then, during the breaks between the sirens, we cleaned the basement perfectly, brought mats, water, candles... and then long days of 2-3 alarms a day and explosions took place…”

“These are the photos of my native …., or rather what the bloody Russians are doing to it: hailstorms, bombs... The beautiful blossoming city on the east coast of Ukraine. We have been surrounded for three weeks. But we will not give up!”