“Life is not those days which have gone. It is those days that you remember.”

Tetiana, Chernihiv region, 16.05.22

“Life is not those days which have gone. It is those days that you remember.”

Good evening, Mr. Andrii. I am genuinely thankful to you on behalf of the teachers of [...] region for the care and support to our colleagues, partners, and to you personally. We are collecting the materials, but I must admit that writing about the problematic developments of the war is difficult and not easy at all. Some time should pass. It is only possible to write short posts eventually. Thank you. With respect, Tetiana [...]. [...].

We are genuinely thankful!

“By making unselfish acts of kindness for your neighbor, we learn to comprehend our love towards them, and through that we establish peace and brotherhood”

Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki

I was always interested in the history of Jewish people, but the path of learning it appeared long and complicated. There were many life-related reasons for that. The first inspiration came from the seminar in Zhytomyr, which the Tkuma institute organized in 2014. It came from my participation in Centropa seminars. These two institutions played an important role in my learning of Holocaust history in Ukraine and Europe.s

I was fascinated by the courage of the Jewish people and the Ukrainians – the righteous and the saviors. I realized that for me to open the whole depth of Jewishness as a phenomenon, I would have to start with learning about their faith. In 2021, I received an offer to study Torah as part of the Bnei Noah project in Ukraine. It was absolutely fascinating to learn and do good deeds. It was then that I realized how important it is to follow the commandment of Tzedakah. The main commandment of the Torah – is the love of one's neighbor. It is precisely Tzedakah that helps to follow that commandment. Giving part of our money fulfills our duty to God and the people.

The war brought new challenges to our lives… It is very pleasant to realize that there are those around who are willing to help, and it comes from the bottom of their hearts. We, Ukrainians, are now convinced that the world stands due to those who are not indifferent, compassionate people who are always willing to help and provide support. Good will prevail!

Our partners, and colleagues, we are genuinely thankful for the words of support which you were the first ones we heard them form, and for the material support which was important for us. Remembering the commandment of Tzedakah, I had an opportunity to help teacher Lidiia Shamrylo, doctor Viktor Boryshkevich, whose homes were totally destroyed during the war Oleksandr, Ukrainian Armed Forces serviceman, who is my former student. We are learning to make good together, making the world a better place.

“Life is not those days which have gone. It is those days that you remember,” – Márquez. The war will be remembered as a time of many good deeds and kind acts of many people because together, we were strong and can win. Everything will be Ukraine!

With respect,

Tetiana [...].