The basement – is a safe place for today.

Vita, Kyiv Oblast, 02.03.2022

The basement – is a safe place for today.


Basement in...

Ari – „I just finished to recite a prayer and now it's time to run to the basement “

The night before was calm, with no sirens. My morning started with the usual routine and morning exercises.

At 10 am, I had a call with my colleagues, our soldiers of the Ukrainian educational battalion. We formed a group of teachers to meet with students. We want to shift the kid's focus from all the events happening around us, so we have decided to conduct online classes.

In case of an emergency, my colleagues turned off the screen but still could manage to write in a chat window what the reason was.

At the end of the meeting, we ran to the basement as well. You can hear the sirens and alerts on the local channel “🔴 Air strike alert. Please proceed to the shelters!“.

The basement – is a safe place for today. The potatoes, empty jars, and not-so-necessary goods were moved out. During each shelter, some thoughts come to my mind, such as: why we haven't renovated this place.

We return to our everyday life thanks to the technologies, which now have an opportunity to tell us about safety 🟢 “alert is off!“

We go to the shop: queues, limitations on buying food. Tired cashiers, but still able to smile, be kind, and be thoughtful. I caught myself thinking that I don't really care who wears what, but their emotional state of mind worries me.

I want to join and help people in need and be useful to the society that is currently suffering from war and invaders.

I visited the local school with my daughter, where people make the military net from the rags. We asked if we could help and joined the rest of the people.

I got in line at the blood donation point. I was waiting for the call.

During wartime, we forget to eat or drink on time. Our grandmothers are keeping an eye on that. We stayed in Ukraine because of them and our brothers, who were recruited.

My closest friends fled as far as they could, from the war hot zones or abroad. I was sad when my friends or my husband didn't care about my safety. On the other hand, strangers inspired me. Those who don't know me offered help: to leave the country, helped with money, food, etc. 80% of my colleagues stayed in Ukraine, kept in touch, and wrote about our possibilities and help.

Today we made bread rusks.

The good news is our banks now allow money withdrawal at the supermarket chains and gas stations when you buy goods. This will make the process of collecting and processing banknotes before issuing cash to people much easier.

Bloggers. I wasn't interested in pseudo experts or bloggers, who show naked bodies to society, and that's pretty much all they do. War revealed who is who and who is just an advertisement agent. Interesting public figures, who were useful and interesting to follow and read, approved their positions, opened channels of support, disproved fake information, and showed the actual situation in Ukraine to the world.

02:17 writing this text from the basement.

Our achievements. My daughter is putting her clothes on, her shoes on, and goes down to the basement faster than before.

I believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and I believe in a Territorial defense! I believe in our president! I believe in Ukrainians!

We are independent and the best country in the world!“