“Proud and brave!“

Daria, Khmelnytsyi region, 27.03.22

“Proud and brave!“

What is now happening in Ukraine is difficult to accept. Innocent people and children are being killed; houses, maternity hospitals, and educational institutions are being shot at. The “Russian World” is destroying my country, the country in which I was born. It has destroyed green areas, forests, clean transparent ponds, fertile fields, and gardens, all of which could flourish later instead.

Today, Russia is the most terroristic country in the world. Over the last century, Russia, through its “peacekeeping“ actions, has inflicted enormous material losses and incurable mental wounds on many countries around the world.

During the first two weeks of this horrific “peacekeeping operation,“ I volunteered. Together with my mother, I went to school, where people of different ages, professions, religions, rallied together to somehow help our soldiers. Everyone had a job. Work was in full swing in almost every corner of the school. In the canteen, our hostesses prepared food for our heroes, made stews, baked cakes, fried pancakes, and sculpted dumplings. Many women made blankets from the fabric on camouflage nets. People brought cloth of camouflage and similar colors. Women-seamstresses, who had lost their jobs, sewed mats and balaclavas for our defenders. Camouflage nets were woven in several rooms. People were very united, everyone put a part of their soul into this work. Residents of the community worked without days off because there are no days off during the war. During this time, I had to work with many people whom I did not previously know. But during the common struggle, no one is a stranger.

Sirens were often heard during the work. Everyone went down to the shelter. And every time a common prayer for our defenders and a peaceful sky over our Ukraine was read.

My heart breaks each time I read and listen to the news about unborn children and people who died under the rubble. About those people who have been in occupied cities for many days, without food, water, light, and heat. About the “Green Corridors“ promised by the occupiers, yet peaceful and innocent people are still shot. About the destroyed cities and villages, in which hundreds of children and people died. About the sea of ​​tears shed in my country.

I sincerely believe in the Armed Forces and our victory. The aggressor country will not defeat us, because we are a brave and strong nation–we are Ukrainians! I'm proud of that! Glory to Ukraine!

This is a poem in UA:

Україно рідна - матінко моя

Прокидайся в мирі зі співом солов'я!

Наше військо - леви, горде і сміливе!

Б'є відважно вражу силу, що землю мою накрила

Вірю в силу нашу - ворога здолаєм!

Божа Матір і Ісус нам допомагає

І моя Вкраїна стане сонячним зеленим гаєм

В ній ліси - до неба і поля родючі,

Ріки та озера і люди не ліниві - до роботи жагучі.”