“Makariv is the shield of Kyiv!“

Oleg, Kyiv Oblast, 30.03.22

“Makariv is the shield of Kyiv!“


Memories of the damned war


At the same time, Putin's filth broke into the houses of neighboring villages and mercilessly shot people. Just for fun. Just to inspire fear. To show the “strength“ of the “second army of the world“. In another village, they raped women and girls and then burned them alive. Apparently to show his “strength“.

The real hell in Makariv began about a week later. The shells flew around the city and hit residential buildings and office buildings. We sat in the cellar and just prayed to stay alive. The shell hit 100 meters from our house - the windows blew out, it felt like everything fell right on us. My grandmother's ears closed from the noise, and my mother began to cry and say that I want to live. We could not stand such fear, and on March 7 we urgently left for Western Ukraine, and on March 14 - abroad.

Meanwhile, a certain area of ​​Makariv and nearby villages became occupied by orcs. Our relatives lived there. People spent most of the day in the cellar for fear of being killed. Russian rot tried to enter their house and once came in - they said not to squeak and stay at home. At this time, relatives' hearts simply stopped in fear. And everyone prayed to God for a painless and quick death. But the Almighty took pity on them and gave them life.

These stories are just a meager percentage of what has happened and is happening today in Makariv. Right now the city is suffering from constant mortar and artillery shelling, aircraft and bombs. Most of the RESIDENTIAL buildings have been destroyed, the infrastructure is almost gone, the buildings are burning every day. Our soldiers and volunteers who are defending our town are dying…

There is a humanitarian catastrophe in Makariv and many nearby villages. There is no gas, electricity, or water. There are still many people left in Makariv who need food, water and medicine.

MAKARIV is the SHIELD of Kyiv! This is our little Mariupol who needs help! This is a city that suffers daily from the occupiers as well as nearby villages! A large number of people should know about this! Together - we are STRENGTH and VICTORY!

Oleg B. 11 years old ”